American Consul General Met Amir Bilal in Sargodha

Amir Bilal Sargodha with American Consul General

On December 12, 2022, American Consul General William K Makaneole visited the
Cafe Green at Gym Khana Sargodha in Punjab, Pakistan to meet with Amir Bilal
Advocate and some other notables. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the
narrative of America regarding Pakistan and to celebrate the friendly relationship
between the two countries.

During the meeting, Amir Bilal expressed his gratitude to Consul General Makaneole for
taking the time to visit and meet with them. He highlighted the importance of increasing
interactions within society, and thanked Madam Asma Ijaz Cheema, the Director of
Anti-Corruption, Mr Zafar Jamal Jasra, the Commissioner of IRIS Federal Board of
Revenue, Mr Ahmad Bilal Ningyana, the Deputy Project Director of NHA, and Dr Rubina
Feroze Bhatti for their presence at the meeting.

In response, Consul General Makaneole stated that Americans are interested in
increasing interactions and building stronger relationships with Pakistani society. He
also mentioned that cricket is a popular sport in Pakistan and that Americans started
T-20 cricket tournament between West Indies & United States.

In addition to discussing the narrative of America regarding Pakistan and celebrating
the 75 years of friendly relations between the two countries, it was especially noted
that Consul General Makaneole was wearing traditional Pakistani dress, a shalwar
kameez, during the meeting. This gesture was appreciated by the members of the
Pakistan-US Alumni Network, who also asked the Consul General to deliver something
in the Punjabi language. Consul General Makaneole obliged, reciting the dialogue from a
famous Punjabi Movie “Molay Nu Mola Na Maray Tay Mola Nai Marda” to the delight of
those in attendance.

The willingness of Consul General Makaneole to embrace Pakistani culture and engage
with the local community was seen as a sign of the strong and friendly relationship
between America and Pakistan. The meeting at the Gym Khana Sargodha Cafe Green
was a successful event, and both Amir Bilal and Consul General Makaneole expressed
their hope for continued cooperation and engagement in the future.

Overall, the meeting was seen as a positive step in strengthening the relationship
between America and Pakistan. The discussion of the American narrative regarding
Pakistan and the celebration of the friendly relationship between the two countries were
well received by those in attendance.

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